About Me

I'm a searcher, a traveller, an apprentice of how to become a free spirit. I believe in self-healing, in the power of nature, in the interconnectedness of everything. And it is because of this, that I teach yoga and give thai massage and aguahara.  Allways finding beautiful places in the world to do it, places where nature is as its best.

My sadhana on the mat seems almost only possible if sharing, with others, putting my own experiences in perspective. 

Is in sharing (through yoga, aguahara and thai massage) that i'm really focused, aligned, intuitive. Is in sharing that i become a good observer, and listener, a much better explorer, more innocent and alert. Is in sharing that i have real fun, joy, awe, compassion, love, trust, courage. Is in sharing that i feel a glimpse of this indescripitible connection with what it is. Every time i try to inspire and invite others to this inner search that yoga, aguahara and thai massage propose me, or whenever I summon the healing space that yoga, aguahara and thai massage provide, I'm actually channeling inspiration, being invited by this alive, intuitive and embracing force to keep the search. I need to inspire, be at service and invite others, to be inspired.


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