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Barefoot walking

Barefoot walking sets the body into a natural flow of movement, where the body optimises its mechanics. When walking barefoot we give our feet their freedom back, realigning the joints, being lighter in our steps, gaining awareness in the sole of our feet, feeling  in detail the terrain we walk on and keeping and agile mind, ready to be flexible and adapt to the characteristics of the ground, by using at its best our ability to do micro movements and infinite alignments, starting at our feet and up the legs, hips, spine, arms and head. 

And then walking becomes a new experience, that involves the whole body and consciousness.



The realbarefoot experience happens when we take off our shoes, the more we do it the more our soles can take it and enjoy it.



But some terrains make it too difficult for the soles of our feet, and so we put on our 5 mm soles with a string and keep on walking...



In the winter, or when we need some protection for feet and toes, we step into our 5 fingers by vibram. Join me for a barefoot experience.

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