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Women's trip to Ojai, California

-early spring 2021-

Nature, Yoga & Transformation



Sonia’s being is an invitation to rest deeply within ourselves. Her rich and textural teaching and exploration of the inner landscape draw us into a more sensual experience of all that is occurring. She demonstrates the rare skill of courageous and rigorous self study. Her offering shimmers with tender vulnerability.

Ko ham (Who am I) has been one of the central questions that has inspired the ancient and modern yogis on their quest. Within this model of inquiry, Sonia created Nomad Yoga in 2011, allowing the landscapes of the world to guide her in that quest, and drawing her into a practice more intutive and alive. Ojai is one of her regular places

of work and inspiration.



Kira Sloane is grateful for all her teachers and the teachings that have been so generously shared with her. 

Fascinated by the opportunities of relationship, Kira's teaching style has evolved to help cultivate an understanding of the practicality and global necessity of Self Love. With keen attention to the subtle currents, her teaching emphasizes tuning into the alignment within your own heart. 

From 2002 to 2015, Kira was the Den Mother of Lulu Bandha's Yoga Studio and hostess of the International Ojai Yoga Crib. She now travels and teaches internationally and is the President of Yoga Anytime.



While receiving her Masters Degree in Somatic Psychology at Naropa Universtiy Sara heard about Wilderness Therapy and began incorporating it into her work life. Nature has always been Sara's most valuable teacher, a mirror for all that is going on inside us. Sara has facilitated and participated in women's groups for 30 years. She brings a deep connection to the natural world, her love and knowledge for plants, her ability to hold sacred space and her passion for empowering women to this adventure. She currently works as a Wilderness Mentor with Ventura Wild, Once Upon a Watershed and as a Vision Quest guide with the Condor Clan. Sara spends the much of her time exploring the wild areas around Ojai with her children and husband.



A life of travel and exploration has gifted Julia with the awareness that all paths lead to the one all pervading presence that dwells within the heart. 

Whether dancing, singing or on the yoga mat, she invites you, here and now, to rest into your true Self, that which is already and always whole, complete and perfect. 

At the age of 29 she began to meditate daily. This practice transformed her life, guiding her on a journey of healing and home-coming. 

Julia has studied shamanic healing, energetic healing, meditation, EFT, soul care, Re-connective Healing, the Australian Bush Flower Essences, Kundalini dance, and more.


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Few years ago I went on a roadtrip through the west coast in British Columbia (Canada), Oregon and California (USA), and Baja California (Mexico). In California I stopped in Ojai which was the place of choice of Kirshnamurti, the great indian philisopher who introduced eastern teachings on the nature of the mind to the West. The beauty of Ojai and the harmony and force of its landscape, probably attracted him, and many came to Ojai to listen to him speaking. Nowadays Ojai is the nest for yoga schools and retreat centers, but in Ojai one finds also democratic schools for children, comunal living, sharing circles based on the native american traditions and much more.


For someone interesed in self-inquiry, Ojai is a great source of teachers, sanghas (comunity of fellow practitioners) and arenas for practice. And on top of it the landscape is inspiring and beautiful and the people living there are welcoming and friendly.


When I arrived for the first time to Ojai, I enrolled in a couple yoga workshops with Kira Sloane who at the time owned the Lulu Bandha's yoga studio, and who was the main reason for my stop over in Ojai. Afetr this first time I kept on going back to Ojai for more teachings, even after Kira closed the studio and her former student and fellow teacher Alana Mitnik opened the Ojai Yoga Shala at the same location. The Ojai Yoga Shala will be our center of reference for the time we will spend together.


In Ojai, soon enough I met Sara Mc Cracken and her husband Robert Porter. There was an instant connection, and they sent us, me and my partner at the time (all gear included) into a hike to the Sespe hot springs, immersing me even deeper into the beauty of the wilderness around Ojai. They also introduced me to sharing circles based on native american traditions in later visits, and have been ever since my hosts whenever I travel to Ojai. 


Julia Berckley was also a yoga teacher at the fomer Lulu Bhanda's, with whom I connected personally but also through freedom dance and kirtan sessions leaded by her, and who became part of my sangha in Ojai along with so many other  wonderful women and men, who inspired me and made me feel at home in Ojai.


With this Nature, Yoga & Transformation trip I want to share with you this place and give you the opportunity to share some practices about self inquiry and connection with nature with the guidance of these three women I met there and for whom I have a speical place on my heart.


There are more women and men in Ojai for whom I have great affection and admiration and I hope you will get to meet them too and you will also leave Ojai with a deep sense of connectedness, to yourself, nature and the comunity.



Sònia Isart, Fuerteventura, February 2019

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