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Yoga mentoring: FINDING YOUR OWN INNER VOICE (1-3 months)

This course is designed for the yoga enthusiast who has a desire to obtain more than simple physical pleasure for the practice, and is looking for rather an extensive course than an intensive one. Or for the yoga teacher looking for the opportunity to watch closely a successful teacher work (on both regular weekly lessons, and also workshops) and learn from that on a real practical base.


What you will find in this mentorship program:


1. This is a program designed to help you find your own voice (which is also your own teaching voice), not by following what others do and how they do it, but by understanding and experiencing the principles of the yoga philosophy and integrate them in your unique way. 

2. For yoga to be apprehended one need’s to have experiences of yoga (union), my goal is to help you achieve those experiences, both through reflections on selected readings of yoga texts and through asana, pranayama and meditation practice.

3. This is an opportunity to work one-on-one to go deeper into what really interests you; to inspire you to open your mind and widen your understanding of Yoga; to help you clarify your purpose and intention for the practice; to heal and be healed; to have fun and connect.


And if you are looking for your teaching voice, we will work on the above aspects to help you find your teaching style. Because it is only what interests you that you can successfully teach and it is only when you find your truth of the moment that you can inspire those others who show up at your class, to learn from you..

Weekly 2 hour one-to-one

Attending 3-5 weekly lessons at the studio and Q&A afterwards

Attending 1 monthly workshop

Pricing: 400€/month

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