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My first post is from my latest blog, and really pertinent for this new site of this life project that keeps me in awe, connected to nature inside and outside.

For two days we camped at the same spot next to the beach at the amazing Bay of Los Ageles. Protected islands sit in the ocean just in front of the bay almost closing it. The population is only of a thousand for such a big Bay so nature is everywhere. Dawns have been amazingly long, and while observing the changing of the colors the arrival of the light i can't help but feel in awe and feel the magic! If you ever realize you don't feel awe anymore, i tell you, you just have to go into nature and reconnect with this emotion. Today I'm going to allow myself to feel awe for my inner landscape while doing my sadhana, because like the sunrise, there's not one day like another and our inner landscape is full of surprises and constant changes. So keep up the awe!!!

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