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At the market / F'soq

I love going to the farmers market since I was a kid. I used to go to the market in our neighbourhood every saturday with my mum or dad, and I loved it. The fresh produce, the colours, the getting to know the food, the prices the seasons for the vegetables... It was a tradition and still is that the fish sellers would shout using flattering words about the customers and the fish in equal parts, trying to attract the buyers attention. From here the Catalans say "to shout as a fishdealer". Everywhere in the world I feel happy when going to the market. Today I went to Aurir market in Morocco, there I used my few Darija words, and the sympathy they felt for my attempts and effort to speak a little but their own language, made me have a sense of belonging. Just like that, at the market (f'soq) I felt I belonged! Boom! So I savour this feeling and that encouraged me to learn more words to be able to communicate with them, Moroccans, in their own language (or one of their languages) : to belong even more, to be treated as an equal, to get to now the depths of their culture...

This primary need to belong and the basic instinct to know more, this innate curiosity, are key elements to learning and growing. That is true not only when acquiring knowledge and understanding about things around us, but also when getting to know the depths of ourselves much better. And when doing so, in my case often through the Yoga practice, we gain a deeper sense of connection, of belonging, to the community, the human race, all alive species, nature, universal consciousness...

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