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The astonishing redwoods

We are already in Califronia and the first stop has been at the Coastal Redwoods natural state and national Parks, a huge tract of Coastal Redwoods, a relative of the cedar tree but exclusively growing on this North California shore. These trees are the oldest and biggest alive beings of the planet. recently the oldest known tree of the park was found and dated and it is 2520 years old. The big trees are 80-100 metres tall, more than 6 metres of diameter and more than 20 of circumference. In Canada we had seen really big trees, mainly Cedar, but those redwoods they go up straight like pillars and they are impressively big, and what´s even more amazing is the numbers of them, they are all so big! These giants have survived until today, and nowadays they are protected in those 65 square kms. of the Parks, with more than 150 kms of hiking marked trails inside the woods to enjoy this wonder.

Yesterday we made our second hike in the redwoods: 5 hours completely alone, 16kms. under the rain in the immensity of these old growth forests that transport you to a world that feels almost unreal. Is really hard to put it in words, in these woods surrounded by theses ancient wise beings the heart breathes peacefully and everything seems to be alive and full of sense in harmony and without effort: it is just an intense, profound and unforgettable experience.

Last night I slept like a baby and i woke up full of energy, the same energy i felt yesterday while walking in the redwoods of the California Redwoods State and National parks. And today sitting in a cozy cafe of the charming Trinidad -a little village, with a really nice vibe and a wonderful beach 30 kms. south of the park- with a good Darjeeling Tea and a banana walnut muffin to go with, I recall the time in the woods yesterday and I still feel the immense inner awe, peace and smile.

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