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When brainstorming with Kirsti Abernethy about finding a name for The Costa Brava Yoga Gathering, i put on the table the concepts and matters i was working with at the time on my personal life, hence my yoga practice/teaching. The ability to "go with the flow", to tune into the flow of energy or consciousness that guide us through life, and that crystallizes in events in our life - was one of my main focal points. And still is.

How can one learn to flow more and tune in more? What is it opposing this "going with the flow"? RESISTANCE! If i could just let things be, if i could just let go of all this wanting and pulling and pushing and directing and analyzing. If i could just be, stay present, feel and experience whatever is it, WITHOUT RESISTING IT. Then i could finally fully experience or have an experience of the FLOW.

Through the Yoga practice, the accurate observation and deep listening, i have been able to observe resistance, and to understand that for an opening to happen i have to release some of this resistance. The more perceptive i become of the resistance, the more i can let go and open to the flow. The more i open to the flow the easier it gets to do it again on and off the mat : during the Yoga practice and in my life, in my trips, in every new challenge i encounter...

So be sure that we will be investigating together all this at WONDERFLOW. And we will experience THE FLOW.

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