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Wonder-Flow: part II

"If you think you already know it all, you are not going to learn anything new today"

I think we might all agree we practice yoga to learn something, either this is how to gain flexibility, how to quiet the mind, how to be more at peace... Whatever the reason that brought us to practice Yoga, soon we learn that Yoga really is a science that has as a goal self-knowledge, at such a deeper level that demands us to open our minds, allowing for a knowledge that doesn't belong to the realm of rationality or reasoning or analyzing, but to the realm of feeling, experiencing, being.

In Yoga we become the field, the object of study and the scientist. For this we need to have a certain amount of curiosity, to go on search for things about ourselves we might not know yet. And we also need a certain ability or openness to be amazed, surprised even confounded or marvelled. That's why WONDER was the other key element laid on the table when brainstorming with Kirsti for The Costa Brava Yoga Gathering name.

The dictionary says that WONDER as a verb means "to think about things in a questioning and sometimes doubting way". And WONDER as a noun means "a feeling of great surprise and admiration, or someone or something that causes that feeling".

When practicing Yoga, that is when attempting the task of getting to know ourselves, and our interconnectedness with all that is, we need both WONDERS : the verb that questions what we already know daring to go beyond the actual frame of knowledge, and the noun that stays open to being surprised. If i know it all or i think i know it all, there is no WONDER. So i choose to be like a child, ready to be surprised and curious about everything, from the culture i visit to my own inner landscapes and depths.

Come to WONDERFLOW and feel the WONDER!!!!

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