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The body as the primary field of knowledge.

This is designed as a residential 4-7 day intensive course, on demand. For groups of minimum 4 people, to be held in Costa Brava, Morocco or California.

Sònia Isart talks about her Practice

Sònia Isart talks about her Practice

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With the premise that the body is our primary field of knowledge, in this retreat we will work on three main aspects:



Open-endend inquiry. Stopping the automated pilot.

We cultivate a mind that is ready and inquisitive, not satisfied with limited or biased views.

As Socrates put it:  “Wisdom begins in wonder”. 



Yoga practice understood as a creative process and action, meaningful and fun.

We experience our ability to find inner space in order to come back to clarity here and now,  and unfold in our unique way, guided from within.



Living the experience with radiant presence and cultivating pure intention.

We dive into our experiences of both impermanence and interconnectedness allowing the practice to become a powerful healing transformational tool towards inner freedom and peace.


*Includes asana practice, outdoor practice, pranayama, energy work, bandhas, meditation, commentary on ancient texts of yoga (yoga sutras…), self-practice, list of books to read…

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