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Season kickstarter session:

Are you ready?



These days, from my privileged spot in the Pacific ocean in Peru, getting up before sunsrise, surfing every day in good company, watching the ocean all day long, teaching twice a day in my ocean views shala and being surrounded by the kindest people, i found myself asking: are you ready for the season? Ready to go back home? Ready to make of this next six months of practice together with you guys something remarkable? I can tell you I am, the same way i am ready to wake up at 5.30 to sit for meditation, or put on my wetsuit every single day no matter the conditions, to go out in the water to ride waves. And since the question arose and interests me, on our first day together we will explore what readiness is, how do we get our body, mind and spirits ready to make the most of our practice, for it to be nurtiring,  healing, lasting, or life-changing even. So the question remains: are you ready? Ready to put on your yoga pants and show up? Ready to place your mat on our beautiful shala floor and give our season a good start? Are you, at least, ready to get ready?

We will meet april 19th from 9am to 11am at Hostal Empúries, Platja del Portitxol, l'Escala.

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