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Thai Yoga Massage

Thai massage is a deep massage to open up the body, release emotional blockages and activate the free flow of energy or vital force, allowing for a healing that transcends the physical body.

Rebalance, stretch & feel amazing!

Thai Yoga Massage is a blissful combination of acupressure point work, palming and thumbing along energy lines, rhythmic motion, gentle stretching, breath work and all the benefits of yoga. Each session is performed on the floor in loose, comfortable clothing.

As well as stretching & toning the muscles, Thai Yoga Massage improves circulation, soothes muscular tension, releases aches and pains, speeds up metabolism and boosts the immune system. Blockages are released, allowing the life force (prana) to flow freely throughout the body.

Treat yourself to a healing, holistic massage and enjoy a deep sense of calm and wellbeing.

I first started learning and practicing the ancient art of Thai Yoga Massage at Sunshine Network School near Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was an intensive training, living in a small traditional mountain village, with not only thai massage practice but also yoga, chi kung and vipassana meditation.

There I learned from Andrea Baglioni and Laurino. Later, but also in Thailand, around Ching Mai i studied with Pichest Boonthumme a tradition thai teacher; and afterwards, this time already in Europe i took some courses to further my knowledge with Kirshnataki and David Lutt, both of them have spent long years studying in Thailand.


As a result of everything i learned from these teachers, my own thai massage experience and all the experience acumulated in other movement and energy practices, i've developed my own way to offer this ancestral healing and balancing art. 

If you'd like to book a thai massage contact me:

photos by @terrencemoore

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