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Aguahara: water massage

Water has been always a healing element for me, mainly the ocean. That's why i always chose to live close to the sea, so I could jump into the water to swim, bath, do sport whenever I wanted; or i could simply sit and contemplate the vastness of the ocean and feel deeply connected. But recently I have trained in this technique that allows me to use the water in a beautiful, fun, relaxing, therapeutic way. So I can be at service in the water as well as I do on my thai massage mat. 

In Aguahara, I am there to support your body in flotation, and create the right atmosphere and space, so when moving you in several different ways in the water, on the surface but also underneath, the friction with the water and the resistance of your body moving in the water, will give you the best massage or healing experience you've ever had. It is really mind blowing!!!!

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