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Where do We Nomad Yogis Go?

"A person who occupies neither this place nor that- physically or intellectually- may be uneasy, but that is the price of being alive and free."

The pilgrim soul. Ravi Ravindra.

Nomad Sònia

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next destination Peru, i will be back to Chiama, to surf the longest wave of the world and teach yoga

Sònia's places:


Peru. The Pacific ocean inspiration, packed into videos.

The magic desertic peruvian coastline, is the seat for many amazing waves and small villages still living out of the sea​. Some of this places have the special energy one finds in scarcity. With no vegetation on sight the experience of the place is crude but welcoming. There are no dsitractions, just two colours in all its shades, blue and ocre, and one rejoices in the simplest connection of all, the ones you can feel with the landscape surrounding you.  And  in my peruvian spot on the Pacific shoreline, endless rolling waves that keep the mind aobsort and lift the spirit.

The Pacfic Yoga Series where created in Chicama, and are a testimony of the connection i felt with the place


California. Where i find teachers and sangha everywhere

California, and the little town of Ojai in particular, has become my main source for teachers in my spiritual path. There I find all sorts of teachers, wise old yoga sages, fearless yoga teachers, sensitive sisters and brothers, new era shamans and spiritual dancers, free spirits of several kinds and an  interesting ingenuity that we can't even dream of in Europe, which makes for a different kind of connection to occur. In California I made life friends in the blink of an eye, and then I realised these friends where also great teachers. So I keep going back, for more teachings, for more life experiences, for more sharing and friendships, and of course for more enjoyment of their amazing wilderness and wildlife.

Women's trip to Ojai, California. We are nature. 2022


Morocco. The land of light that made of me a real nomad

In Morocco, one feels inspired to move slowly, to observe and absorve everything. The light in this country, the colours and the warmth of its people, all of this is a constant invitation to remain present and enjoy the simple pleasure of sharing moments with those you find in your way and live everything fully. In Morocco, I practice and I give thai massage and I keep the search for beautiful, non-crowded, authentic places for you to come on your yoga holidays and feel the magic.

cap a cala estreta.jpg

Costa Brava, the magic shoreline of l'Empordà. Where i set foot on this yoga path

When I was looking for a place to become my basecamp, the place to return after my travels, I felt drawn towards l'Empordà/Costa Brava in my Catalonia's homeland. This landscape totally inspired me, I felt home amongst it, connected. So there I started my yoga teaching and thai massage path, and there I have developed several programs over the years, from intensive courses, to retreats, to yoga and adventure holidays, to weekly lessons or themed workshops.

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