Autumn workshop: kriya yoga


Kriya yoga following Patanjali's yoga sutras, sutra 2.1, the first sutra of the sadhana pada (the practice) is:

 tapas (self-discipline)

 svadhyaya (self-study)

 and ishvara pranidhana (dedication to Ishvara being Ishvara the primordial and eternal teacher).


In this time together we will explore how to find the right effort, understanding what this self-discipline needs to be made of. We will also explore self-study, how to refine our awareness of the inner world with a clear vision and an equanimous mind, without attachements or deisres, just the pure understanding or experience of what is. And we will honour the vow to dedicate the practice to ishvara, the inner teacher and guidance: this personal god/godess within, the so called intuition that brings inspiration.

We will take some time to reflect on the philosophical concepts and then we will put them into practice in a long asana session.

If you want to enjoy doing this exploration with me, write to reserve your spot at