Summer workshops: Hatha Kriya Yoga


Kriya yoga following Patanjali's yoga sutras, (sutra 2.1, the first sutra of the sadhana pada: the practice) is:

 tapas (self-discipline)

 svadhyaya (self-study)

 and ishvara pranidhana (surrender to higher self).


In this time together we will explore how to find the right effort, understanding what this self-discipline needs to be made of. We will also explore self-study, how to refine our awareness of the inner world with a clear vision and an equanimous mind, without attachements or desires, just the pure understanding or experience of what is. And we will honour the vow to dedicate the practice to ishvara, the inner teacher and guidance: the so called intuition that brings inspiration.


The workshops will focus on one of these four aspects essential to the activity of yoga (Kriya Yoga):

AWARENESS, cultivating attention, focus and awareness for the purspose of self-study (the body is the primary field of knowledge).

NEW HABITS, breaking with old patterns through the right effort of tapas, which requires and understanding of how resistance works.

INTUTITION, listening within, trusting the inner voice/guidance and learning how to surrender to higher self (ishvara pranindhana).

ATTITUDE, the mother of all change, choosing the attitude that will allow for the transformation we truly wish for and deserve.

We will take some time to reflect on the philosophical concepts and then we will put them into practice in a long asana session.
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1 session- 25€

2 sessions- 45€

3 sessions- 60€

4 sessions- 80€

INTUÏCIÓ (1).png

We're creatures of HABITS. Breaking with old patterns is not easy for us. Our HABITS are an inherent part of our personality, of what we consider to be our essence.

Change involves, however, a break with these OLD HABITS, burning them as indicated by the etymology of the word Tapas (which contains a heat component). Letting go of those parts of ourselves to give room for NEW HABITS that are better suited for the present moment.

SELF-DISCIPlINE (Tapas) is the enormous effort that requires changing our behaviour and sometimes even our natural tendencies.

That is why I like to talk about Tapas as THE RIGHT EFFORT, which is not about sweating in the Yoga classes, but rather about something much more radical and which requires attention without judgment of what is happening within at every moment.

I told you in the previous workshop that the body is the primary field of knowledge, and we are lucky that the practice of yoga is about that, about remaining in the body- To be aware of our natural tendencies and having the courage to change them for NEW, much more efficient, HABITS.

On 2 July, I'll be with you to do this exploration, so you can learn tools to serve you out of the mat, too, because this will be a


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