Summer workshops


One of the great difficulties of the Yoga practice is to maintain the action, effort, structure of positions and dynamism of sessions, while doing so without creating unnecessary tension and using the least energy for maximum efficiency. Often, understanding of the concept of dynamic relaxation escapes us, but on the other hand we have all had the experience of hearing musicians or seeing sports players entering this space where everything flows with the utmost harmony and despite the difficulty of what they execute their spirit is completely relaxed, totally absorbed into what they are doing, they call it "being in the zone". This type of absorption or contemplation is what we look for when practising yoga, however physical the practice is. This requires understanding that relaxation is not only passive but can also be dynamic. That is true, if we are not able to enter into passive relaxation, it will be difficult to achieve the dynamic relaxation that the practice of asanas suggests to us. 

I find this a fascinating aspect of the practice and that is why this year we will devote all three summer workshops to investigating and exploring these practices and concepts. 

But as you know, in Nomad Yoga a practice is never the same as the next one and you also know that in everything I offer and in line with my nomadic practices, there is a lot of improvisation based on the intuition of what the moment asks for; so every workshop will certainly be different from the previous one and therefore you can attend all three workshops and be sure those will be three distinct experiences. 

If you want to enjoy doing this exploration with me, write to reserve your spot at