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Portitxol Yoga Studio (Hostal Empúries)

Finding the right backdrop for the yoga practice has become a natural thing for me, at home i found the perfect place for my outdoor yoga studio. Amidst the Hostal Empuries' mediterranean garden in front of the sea, on a wooden platform. Hostal Empuries is a small sustainable hotel at Portitxol beach, a little beautiful cove between Sant Martí d'Empuries and l'Escala. Here I teach yoga several times per week in english, and catalan.

Contact me for further information or if you are interested in private classes, therapeutic yoga, group classes, events, tailor-made workshops etc...

Studio address: Hostal Empúries. Platja del Portitxol, l'Escala (Girona).

Winter schedule

Winter is my off season, to travel, reconnect, learn and upgrade, therefore there won't be any regular classes during winter. There will be though some sporadic classes popping up here and there. Following this schedule you can see when there is class for you to drop in. If you'd like me to add you to my whatsapp list to stay updated all the time, just shoot me a message at +34606413025.

Spring schedule  (starting april 2nd)

Thursday 9.30-11.00

Friday 19.00-20.30

Suday 9.00-10.30

Summer schedule  (from june 22nd)

Tuesday 9.30-11.00

Wednesday 19.00-20.30

Thursday 9.30-11.00

Friday 19.00-20.30

Sunday 9.00-10.30


Drop in. 16€

Pack 5 classes. 65€

Pack 10 classes. 120€

Pack 15 classes. 165€

Pack 20 classes. 190€

*Packs are valid until end of september  2023

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