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When exploring the world, with its landscapes and seas, we have an amazing opportunity to explore our inner landscapes as well. Nature, constant inspiration, soothes the beast and awakens the spirit. Beauty seems to bring the right order, and then one feels in harmony with everything else and peace settles within body and mind.

These are the scheduled workshops, retreats, days in nature, away games and special events so far. Each of them has been crafted to invite us to go deeper within and explore, always keeping a playful attitude, a curious mind and a courageous heart. 


Sea Women (autumn edition):
two-day retreat at the sea with night at a cove under the stars


Essences  & Yoga: the vibration of three wise trees:
with Frances Bartlett & Oriol Blanch


Surf and Yoga medicine:
10-day surf and yoga retreat in Peru

Sea Women is a project led by Xènia Ros and myself. Sea women is women going to sea to connect with the ocean in a deep, meaningful, profound way to heal and to share.

We walk in silence along the wild shore, we practice yoga and Qi gong, we swim, snorkel and do massage in the ocean, we hold sharing cercles,  we have fun, we slow down the pace, forget about phones and watches, we sleep under the stars and much more.

Spetembre 30th to october 1st.

October 28th. 15-19hs.

We will explore it in a 5-hour workshop where we will learn the strength of the essence of the cypress and the powerful energy work of yoga, inspired by the ancestral philosophy and inspiration of this Mediterranean tree. All combined with music, movement, breathing, knowledge of the tree, walking in nature, and more. One day to let us be touches by the cypress and let it transform us.

November 25th. 10-14hs.

We will explore it in a 5-hour workshop where the white pine, so dear, will show us its secrets and its power and we'll link it to the energetic physical, emotional and spiritual balancing movements of the Hatha Prana Yoga. A workshop where yoga, vibration, essences, music, movement, breathing and nature meet to offer us a healing and balancing experience.

December 2nd. 10-14hs.

In this 5-hour exploration we go within ourselves, like the Cade that closes on itself, creating a fertile interior space and vibrating our inner light so strongly that it expands throughout the body and into every corner of our soul. Music, movement, breathing, meditation and visiting the wise tree will accompany us to make this possible.

1 workshop 75€, all workshops 200€

Two of the things i discovered after several years of surfing are:  one, choosing the right spot and the right environment is key to progressing faster without getting frustrated; and second, while surfing, our beliefs, internal dialogue, weaknesses and strengths show up. My spot in Peru offers uncrowded perfect waves for all levels and i will be assisting with the rest. 

February 2024

+ info coming soon, drop me an email if curious

Sònia's offers

This is my medicine for you...

What they say...

Sonia’s being is an invitation to rest deeply within ourselves. Her rich and textural teaching and exploration of the inner landscape draw us into a more sensual experience of all that is occurring.

She demonstrates the rare quality of courageous and rigorous self-study. Her offer shimmers with tender vulnerability.

Your practices got me through a difficult period when I was heartbroken, but also wanted to let go of some physical trauma. I listened to my body so much better after our lessons. 

It was the love you felt for yoga that shined through to me.

Sublime, subtle, really enjoying your sweet ability to be in your body and teach us how to be in ours.

Kira Sloan

David G.

Elissa P.

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